About Us

Coming from a farming background and always having an interest in cattle we visited The Royal Agricultural Show at Stoneleigh in July 2004.

Our mission that day was to look closely at all the cattle on show as we’d decided that we were going to purchase some cattle and build up our own herd.

We were looking for a traditional, native breed and it was the Sussex Cattle with their rich, red glossy coats that caught our eye.  As well as being beautiful animals, they are renowned for their docile temperament, easy-calving and their outstanding beef.

With all this in mind we then visited Sussex in the September of the same year and purchased our first cow (in calf) – Snow Princess! 

Four weeks later we were back in Sussex again attending the Sussex Cattle Society Autumn Show & Sale, where we purchased four more cows, all in calf.

They all endured a long journey to Cheshire and the Spen Moss Herd was formed.

To begin with they settled well in the village of Astbury, Nr Congleton and as our herd grew we all moved to Holford Farm, Brownlow, Nr Congleton in December 2007.

Our heifers are reared slowly usually calving around 3 years, the best of our bulls are sold on for breeding purposes and our steers are our beef supply.

In September of 2009 we began to sell our own Home Reared 21-Day Matured Traditional Sussex Beef direct from the farm and at local Farmers’ Markets & Food Events.


Cheshire Farms Competition Beef Breeding Herd

2008 - Runner-Up

2009 - Winners!